Have any of you successfully jailbroken your Softbank iPhone 4s running iOS 4.3.2?

From what I understand Softbank (& all other Japanese cell infrastructures) run on CDMA networks.
Using the guide on lifehacker, a page of iOS 4.3.2 IPSWs is given but the only IPSW available for CDMA networks is for iOS 4.2.7.


Is downgrading required to do this and/or is downgrading even possible without risking bricking the phone?

Thanks for any advice/help you can provide! I'm new to jailbreaking & find a lot of the information on it confusing & contradictory!

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If you are not interested in unlocking your iPhone (i.e. using your iPhone overseas or with another company's SIM card) jailbreaking is pretty simple.


I jailbroke my iPhone 4 after upgrading it from iOS 4.1 to iOS 4.3.2 just the other day.


The concept is this (on the Mac):


1. Upgrade to iOS 4.3.2 in iTunes the usual way.

2. Download the iOS 4.3.2 firmware separately so you can use it with the jailbreak tool.

3. Download the jailbreak tool RedSn0w latest version (for Mac).


After connecting your iPhone to your Mac, double click on RedSn0w. RedSn0w will ask you to point to the iOS 4.3.2 firmware you downloaded in step 2 and do the rest for you. You just have to follow the instructions when running the program (e.g. now hold the power button and home button, now release the power button, etc.)


Details are here:




Again, as it warns there:


NOTE: Those of you who rely on a carrier unlock MUST STAY AWAY from Redsn0w and stock iOS 4.3.2 firmware.


But if you are just interested in jailbreaking, and not interested in unlock (which you can't do if your modem software is not one of the older compatible baseband versions mentioned in the link above anyway) this is an easy way to jailbreak.



Thanks so much for your help Doug! I really appreciate it!

Will unlocking on newer basebands ever be possible?
Is it simply a matter of the people who write the unlock stuff updating?
While unlocking isn't really important to me right now maybe it will be in the future! :)

Unfortunately I have no information on unlocking. I used my unlocked iPhone 3G last summer in the U.S. But I have the sense that unlocking has become more and more difficult. I don't even know what is in the works. 


I think the next cell phone I get will be a factory unlocked phone - whether it's an iPhone or an Android. 



Cool, thanks again Doug!

"From what I understand Softbank (& all other Japanese cell infrastructures) run on CDMA networks."


Softbank and docomo are hybrid networks cdma/GSM, au is CDMA. 


As Doug said, the current baseband (BB) is not un-lockable by software means. Only the 01.59 BB is unlockable at the moment (the BB that came with iOS up until 4.0.2). If you are on 4.0.2, you are in luck. If anything over that, than not so much. There might be a chance in the future something for >01.59 being unlocked, so it's a good idea to preserve the BB using PwnageTool, but it's much easier to just follow Doug's steps... (though 4.3.3 is out now and I don't think redsn0w has been updated yet). 


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